We do leverage Merchandising

Most retailers do not reap all the benefits from Merchandising through traditional approaches. Our innovative solution and methodology shows an increase by 1% to 3% in profits.

We value each store

Every store has its own characteristics (size, shape, products, customers types, etc.). That’s why we believe we need to work store by store. No average or clusters.

We make it simple and visual

Visual is a universal language, fast and easy to understand by everyone. We turn facts and numbers into shapes and colors.

We get store teams fully involved

Numbers always need to be balanced with qualitative insights. Mixing store staff knowledge and numbers is the best way to take the best decisions. Everybody becomes more professional and motivated for a great execution.

We believe in Lean approach

We focus on existing stores and we follow up on every action taken. We prefer to keep on improving what exists rather than going for theoretical predictive models.

We rely on unique tools and methodology

We designed our own software VisumagPro® to help and support our unique approach. It can easily adapt to all kinds of retailers, food or non food, small or big chains.

Our Team

Retail industry Experts

Damien Morlier CEO Visumag Damien Morlier - Visumag CEO

Damien has been in the retail business for more than 15 years - Carrefour and Leroy Merlin. Previously to funding Visumag, he held positions both in store and at the headquarter in Europe and China. He is experienced with managing cross-functional projects.

sebastien levy directeur associe visumag Sebastien Levy - Associate Director

Sebastien is graduated from HEC Business School and he has an extensive experience in the Retail industry (Carrefour, Vivarte, Brakes). He held positions of Procurement and Marketing Director, Project Leader, in France, Spain and China

Hugues Sansen Directeur Technique Visumag Hugues Sansen - IT Director

Hugues is an expert on Artificial Intelligence and he created lots of innovative solutions (cargo load optimization, over-the-web phone solutions , etc.) within american corporate or on its own. He loves to make simple what is complex.

Press Release

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Why Merchandising needs to be reinvented

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White Paper VISUMAG v2.1White Paper VISUMAG v2.1



We receive so many reports and numbers. The good thing with the visual approach is that you immediately see what works and what doesn’t in the store. Plus seeing is believing, and it’s so easy to share the team

Pascal, Hypermarket Manager


Our store associates are just so passionate about their job. Now with price war and rent increase, merchandising optimization has become increasingly important. The Visumag unique approach is definitely helping us, and involving the store staff is really a key success factor.

Jean-François, General Manager Non Food Chain


My store is special : I’m close to the frontier and there’s a dead area in the back ! Therefore the planograms they send me from the head office do not really match. Visumag people have helped me adjusting my store merchandising while respecting national guidelines

Laurent, Supermarket Manager

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